Infection prevention starts with the right protection

The spread of infections starts with the proper implementation of care procedures and products you can rely on. Make sure you have the right products at your disposal – and you know how and when to use them.

Protect your hands

Most microbes are spread through your hands. According to WHO, lack of -or wrong hand hygiene is the single biggest cause of infections in hospitals and nursing homes. 

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Protect your body

Protective wear makes a substantial contribution to minimizing the risk of infection. 

Make sure you have the right products at your disposal – and you know when to use them

Cleaning and Hygiene

According to WHO, health care facilities should employ specific and routine-based hygiene and cleaning guidelines, also referred to as IPC (Infection Prevention & Control) in order to prevent the spread of HAI’s.

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Toilet hygiene

Body fluids such as urine and feces may contain bacteria that can cause infections. These bacteria can spread directly via urine and feces or via the surroundings. This is particularly important to be aware of when it comes to infection prevention, since diseases such as Norovirus can be transmitted via feces.

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Protect yourself against infections

Hand hygiene. Implementation of proper hand hygiene procedures is essential for infection prevention.

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