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For Management

Reduce the workload for your employees. Free up time for more quality care for the individual patient. Make both your patients and staff happy with the help of ABENA Nova.

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For Caregivers

As a caregiver, you run fast to do your absolute best to provide the best care possible. We want to support you in your vital job and help lighten your load. That is why we have developed the continence care of tomorrow - ABENA Nova.

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For residents and relatives

As a relative and resident, you wish the best care possible. ABENA Nova can help you get exactly that. 

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For people with disabilities

Improve your quality of life by using a Digital Continence Care Solution like ABENA Nova. As someone who has a disability, you experience enough limits in your life. Don't let incontinence be another limitation to battle. ABENA Nova lets you know once it is time for a change so you can live your life without worrying about incontinence and the inconveniences connected with it.  

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