Guide: a spotless bathroom in 10 easy steps

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms to keep clean in order to maintain a good image for your establishment. A bathroom can be source of many different kinds of bacteria, which makes it extremely important to follow proper procedure and clean in a standardized and professional way. Below you will find 10 easy steps for how to get a spotless bathroom every time.

1. Remove any visible dirt before you start using chemicals and detergents. Use the toilet brush to remove stains and dirt from the toilet without cleaning products and flush the toilet.

2. Choose your preferred toilet cleaning detergent. Tip: At ABENA we recommend products with the Nordic Swan Eco label because it is a healthier alternative for you, your colleagues and the environment. Apply the chosen product cleaner and foam it with the toilet brush. Let it work in the toilet. Check the instructions on the toilet cleaner to determine how long the product needs to be in use in order to work successfully.

3. Check soap and shampoo dispensers and fill them up as needed. Replace any feminine hygiene products, glasses or coasters. Remove used glasses and fold a flap on the toilet paper.

4. Empty the garbage bag and put in a new bin liner.

5. Wipe the mirror with a clot and a glass cleaning detergent. The mirror is one of the first things visitors see when entering the bathroom. Therefore, make sure to remove all stains from the mirror.

6. It is possible to use the same cloth for many different surfaces by folding it correctly. By using all of the 16 sides of the cloth, you will manage to clean all the surfaces –except the toilet. We recommend that you clean the surfaces in the following order:

6.1 Door handle 

6.2 Tap fixtures

6.3 Under the washbasin

6.4 In and around the washbasin and drain plug

6.5 Lid on the trashbin

6.6 Shampoo and soap dispensers in the shower

6.7 Shower mixer, -head and -rail

6.8 Walls in the shower

6.9 Area around the toilet

If the areas are dirty, use a detergent appropriate for the task.

7. When the surfaces in the bathroom are cleaned, it is time for the outside of the toilet to be cleaned. To avoid cross-contamination with bacteria, we recommend that you clean the toilet in the following order, changing the sides of the cloth as you go along:

7.1 Toilet button

7.2 Cistern

7.3 Toilet seat cover

7.4 Toilet seat

7.5 The outside of the toilet

7.6 Toilet rim.

8. Throw the used clothes in the washing net of your trolley.

9. When it is time, in accordance with the instructions of the toilet cleaner, remove your chosen detergent for cleaning the inside of the toilet by flushing the toilet.

10. Finally, mop the floor with a mop and the appropriate detergent. Find 5 steps for preparing and using a mop in our guide: Clean floor in 5 steps

An extra tip: Once a week, clean the toilet brush and bowl. Clean the bowl and wipe the outside of the brush and bowl above the toilet bowl to prevent the risk of cross-contamination.

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