Lergaarden Nursing Home

The nursing home Lergaarden in Denmark has swapped out normal incontinence products with digital ones. Caregiver Sanne Bundgaard shares their experiences with ABENA Nova. 

Increased Energy and Dignity in Care

“We quickly noticed, that ABENA Nova made life easier for our residents in several different ways,” Says Sanne. “It is not just about saving time on incontinence care, but more so about everything else that comes with it.”

Increased Dignity 

“One of our residents with incontinence was pulling away socially because she was afraid of experiencing leakages in front of others. In this case, ABENA Nova gave the resident the necessary security as we showed her that the product notifies us before there is a leakage. The transition to ABENA Nova made her want to be social again, and that is a huge success,” Sanne Bundgaard underlines. 

“With ABENA Nova we avoid daily leakages, and the incontinence product is only in focus when it needs to be.”

– Sanne Bundgaard, Caregiver, Nursing Home Lergaarden

Increased Health and Well-Being 

“With our old system of scheduled manual checks, it was inevitable that some residents would sit in wet incontinence products for a longer period. This resulted in recurring Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) that have a negative impact on residents’ mood, is bothersome, and requires medication and increased supervision,” Sanne Bundgaard shares, “With the transition to ABENA Nova we have seen a decrease in UTIs because the app allows us to stay ahead of the residents’ needs.”

Better Sleep and More Energy 

Manual checks of incontinence products disturb residents’ everyday life as well as their sleep. Especially if the product has leaked and clothes and linens must be changed and the resident needs a shower,” Sanne Bundgaard says. “With ABENA Nova we avoid daily leakages, and the incontinence product is only in focus when it needs to be. This gives residents a freer everyday life and a better sleep, which gives them energy for the next day.”

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