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ABENA is here to help. Understanding your needs is our number one priority as a supplier of products and concepts for the food industry. Our mission is to make your life easier through complete product solutions that help you overcome tangible challenges. We strive to exceed expectations to help you excel at what you do.


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At ABENA, you are not just buying a product - you will get access to a world of dedicated products specialists with many years of expertise, more than 38,000 high-quality products, all required documentation, and much more.

ABENA One-stop-shop makes it easy for you to purchase everything you need in one place, ensuring consistent quality in all your locations. We are a global company with 20 subsidiaries, and our international customer service will be at your service whether locally or internationally.

With ABENA, you are not just buying a product - you purchase a personalized solution that gives you more time on your hands for what really matters.


What Is Your Challenge?

Protect your hands with the right glove

We know hands and fingers are important tools for employees working in the food industry. They are highly exposed in many situations, and finding the right glove for each task is paramount. At ABENA, we are always ready to support you with the right solution for your needs and industry.

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Protective Wear

To prevent your food production and your employees from being exposed to unhealthy influences, it is crucial to dress safely from head to toe with personal protective equipment.

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Hygiene and Cleaning

We focus on ergonomics, efficiency and hygiene. A healthy and safe working environment is essential for all employees – even those who clean the production facilities.

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Packaging and Plastic

Strengthen your company's safety and hygiene by purchasing everything you need in one place.

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Download our Food Industry Catalog

Discover our wide assortment for the food industry. The catalog displays a total of 7 overarching product categories that will cover every challenge faced in the food industry. If you have any questions, please reach out to your local sales representative. 

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Who is ABENA?

ABENA is a family-owned Danish manufacturer and wholesaler with more than 1,900 employees and operating in +90 markets around the world. With our strong heritage and deep industry expertise, ABENA is a trusted partner and we cater to every need.

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Your Partner in Sustainability

With more than 20 years of dedicated work to shape a better future, sustainability is not new to us, and our work continues. 

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We Are Committed to Quality

We ensure our customers have the best conditions for succeeding with a high food safety level. We have a persistent focus on quality control, traceability, and comprehensive documentation.

We Source the World for You

With our highly skilled team of sourcing specialists and a wide and strong network, we build trusted partnerships with reliable suppliers across the globe. We aim to deliver the right products at the best price – without compromising our quality standards.

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Knowledge from Our Experts

ABENA's specialists have made it their business to know everything there is to know - and more - about your needs. In our knowledge center, you can find many articles on relevant topics.

Let food safety become your number 1 priority

Food safety is a crucial discipline to have in mind when working with food. Food safety is not just a matter of keeping your hands clean: preparation, storage, and temperature should be considered in order to keep harmful bacteria away.

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Proper hand hygiene prevents spread of infection

Good hand hygiene is considered the single most important factor in preventing spread of infectious diseases.

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Alternatives to plastic

The Single-Use Plastic Directive aims to reduce the impact of certain plastic products that have a negative impact on the environment.

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