ABENA Light Incontinence

Do you also drip a little? Dive into our ABENA Light universe and let us help you live the life you want despite leakages.

Don't let leakages stop you

No matter if you are living a social life, travel a lot, or are into sports you deserve to do whatever makes your life worth living!
Leakages can come unexpectedly and create unpleasant situations and as a result, incontinence can lead to social isolation due to the taboo and shame connected to the condition. 

At ABENA we wish to improve the quality of life for our users. That is why we have a wide assortment of incontinence products to accommodate the individual needs of every user. The ABENA Light category is a range of shaped pads made for both women and men dealing with light incontinence. 

Don't let leakages stop you from living the life you want! 

Live the life you want


ABENA Light is a range of thin, anatomically shaped pads suitable for people living with light incontinence. All pads have peel-off tape on the back to ensure the product stays in place. Combined with our odor control system and leakage barriers, ABENA Light allows you to feel protected all day and night.

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With ABENA Light, you get a pad that ensures:

  • High-performance core and Top-Dry Technology that allows you to feel protected and dry
  • Invisible leakage barriers for extra protection 
  • Anatomically shaped for a comfortable fit 
  • Fully breathable materials support a healthy skin balance 
  • Odor Control system for maximum discretion

Find the right shape and size

Take a look at our size and absorption guide and choose the right fit to cover your needs. Go to the bottom of the page.

Shaped Pads

ABENA Light and ABENA San is a thin, anatomically shaped pads suitable for people living with light to moderate incontinence. 

Facts about incontinence

Did you know that a small leak once in a while is also classified as incontinence? If you are also dripping a little, you are one out of 400 million people worldwide dealing with incontinence. We want to break the taboo about incontinence, so here are some facts about leaking. 

  • One out of 10 people are dealing with incontinence worldwide.
  • Incontinence can affect your mental health and lead to social isolation due tot the shame connected to the condition. 
  • There are multiple types of incontinence. Read more about here (link til artikel om stress incontinence). Incontinence is twice as common with women than men.
  • Stress is the most common trigger of incontinence. 1/3 of incontinence patients has stress related symptoms.  

For the male anatomy


ABENA Man is a specialized range of male incontinence products designed for the male anatomy. The range offers bladder protection in various shapes and sizes and a discreet design that lets the user stay in control and live an active lifestyle. With ABENA Man, users no longer have to worry about leakages, odor, or the pad not staying in place.


Reliable protection

Live an active life

A soft and secure fit for active users


ABENA Pants can be worn like regular underwear and are a good solution for users who live an active lifestyle. The range covers a wide range of needs and is particularly suitable for people who manage product changes and toilet visits independently.
ABENA Pants are also ideal for people with dementia, who tend to resist changes of their incontinence product.